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People — a who's who of our trip Family portrait

These aren't all the pictures of people taken on the trip, but they provide a good look at all the familiar and unfamiliar faces that made our visit so rewarding. If you want more information about the people and/or the activities shown, click on the links provided.

Marianist padres, hermanos y amigos • Other friends and familyGuidesNative Peruvians

Here we are in our first-class seats at the soccer game we saw in Lima. The gentleman responsible for getting us the tickets was Father Jorge, on the left in the front row, next to Sally and Kathy. Henry and Uncle Nelson are in the back row. very cushy seats

We visited the Marianists' computer institute in Callao and met the center's director, between Henry and Uncle Nelson on the left below, as well as some of the industrious students. On the right is a shot of Uncle Nelson, Kathy and Sally at lunch at the Santa Maria Reina residence.

Callao computer institute Lunch at Santa Maria Reina

Here are the nice folks at Colegio San Antonio, where we attended a tribute concert for Uncle Nelson. The gentlemen on the left below are officials of the school. The man with Uncle Nelson on the right is one of his former students, who now leads the band at the school.

Colegio San Antonio officials Uncle Nelson and his former student
Colegio San Antonio band Band and concert attendees

In Trujillo our gracious hosts were Father Javier and Brother Paul, on the right side of our dinner table below. Brother Paul also served as our escort, guide and translator for our Trujillo-area excursions. This is a picture of him and Kathy on the roof of the school where we stayed, Colegio San José Obrero. The gentleman looking through the window on the far right is Tito, our patient and capable driver.

Dinner at the residence Kathy and Bro. Paul Tito, our driver

We took a day trip to Otuzco and visited a Marianist center there. The friendly people we met there are, clockwise, starting with the upper left: Kathy, Bro. Paul and the gentleman who showed us around the center; the manager of the RadioChami station, with one of his colleagues; the family who operates the developmental farm just outside of town, with their visitors; and the adorable child of the young man in the first picture.

Roof of the center in Otuzco Chami Radio staff
Adorable Otuzco baby
Otuzco family


We're so glad that Kathy's sister Joan and her sister-in-law Debby were able to join us in Cusco and that Joan could hike the Inka Trail with us. Joan and Debby at Sacsayhuaman Kathy and Joan at the Sun Gate


We met English soccer fan Russell Kennedy in the rainforest and were surprised and pleased to run into him again here at Ollantaytambo. What a small world! Russ was kind enough to lend us some photos to use on these pages. We particularly urge you to see his Inka Trail photos here. He took the 4-night trek and thus saw even more fabulous scenery than we did!
Henry, Kathy and Russell

Early and late in our trip—Henry, Nelson, Kathy and Sally at José Antonio's in Lima; and Joan, Kathy, Uncle Nelson and Henry in the olive grove on our last day in Perú.

Family at Jose Antonio's Family in the olive grove


Sr. Néstor Benavides, the gentleman on the left below showed us around Torre Tagle, the beautiful colonial building in Lima which now houses the Peruvian Dept. of Foreign Affairs. On the right is our guide at Lima's Huaca Pucllana. Pucllana guide
Touring the Torre Tagle

In the Trujillo area we were fortunate with "luck of the draw" guides at ChanChan and at Huaca de la Luna. The former was a French emigre resident of Huanchaco who had worked with some of ChanChan's archeologists. And the latter was a charming young lady who has aspirations of more schooling and advancing in the tourism field.

ChanChan guide and tourists Our guide at Huaca de la Luna


At the Reserva Amazonica lodge in the Rainforest, our personal guide, as it worked out, was Claudia, a friendly, charming, and very knowledgeable young lady from Lima. She was working as a guide to take a break before beginning graduate school, where she wants to study marine mammals. On the far right she is encouraging Kathy to eat a termite, as part of enhancing the jungle experience. Kathy and Claudia Kathy and Claudia with the termites

And here are two more of the friendly Reserva Amazonica folks—Eric, who was from Cusco, and one of the Madre de Dios River boatmen.

Eric on the boat Reserva Amazonika boatman


Abelardo was one of our serendiptious guides, literally picked up by the side of the trail leading into Sacsayhuamán. He guided us through this site as well as several others near Cusco, and also arranged our transportation to these sites. We ended our excursion with a refreshing up of coca tea at a restaurant he showed us with a LOT of local color. Abel and group at Puka Pukara


Lourdes was the guide who greeted us at the Museo Historico Regional in Cusco and guided us through its interesting exhibits. Historical Museum in Cusco Historical Museum in Cusco


Maria was our guide for the daylong excursion we took through the Sacred Valley. Maria and charges in the Sacred Valley


Hernán Yepez met us at KM 104 and guided us on our Inka Trail hike and our exploration of Machu Picchu. The fact that these were the high points of our whole adventure was due in no small part to his helpfulness, knowledge and friendliness.   Hernan Hernan and his charges

These aren't all of the pictures we took of unknown Peruvians, just my favorites.

I know these girls were posing for us near Sacsayhuamán, but expressions look genuine to me. On the other hand, this woman and her child were more off the beaten track, in Otuzco, and were just working, by the stream.
Native girls at Sacsayhuaman By the stream in Otuzco

Here are some cheerful groups of Peruvian kids. First, a group of girls on their way to lunch down one Cusco's pictureresque alleys, a group of dancers rehearsing for a festival appearance at Coricancha, and scouts enjoying a parade in Lima.

Girls in the alley Dancers at Coricancha Lima scouts


Here are two of the ladies weaving at the Awanakancha cooperative in the Sacred Valley. Awanakancha weaver
Awanakancha weaver

This lady at the Pisac market was arranging these incredible dyes that she had for sale.

Pisac market

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All photos, unless otherwise credited, are © by Henry J. Amen III. Please do not use without permission.