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Sacred Valley — Miscellaneous

The first stop we made on our daylong tour was at the Awanakancha native weaving cooperative. It was set up to help insure that ancient Peruvian textile crafts are passed on to future generations. The complex included several artisans at work, which was fascinating to watch...

Woman weaving
Yarns and dyes
Woman with wool
Man weaving
Joan and Kathy
Woman and child

... and there was also a store (of course!) and a sort of petting zoo where you could see and pet llamas...

White llama
Baby llama
Brown llama

... and even see some rare vicuñas on a nearby hillside.

Vicunas on the hillside

Later in the day we stopped for a buffet lunch at this lovely restaurant near the town of Urubamba, right on the river. Here is a shot of our table, the one closest to the river:

Urubamba restaurant

This was to prove to be one of the most memorable of our many great meals in Perú. The food was very good, there was SO MUCH of it, and since its cost was included in our tour price, it felt like it was free! (except we did have to pay for the beer). Here is a shot of LESS THAN HALF of the buffet offerings:

Scrumptious buffet

The restaurant grounds were quite lovely. Here is the walkway leading up to the entrance, from within the restaurant property, and a close-up of the red leaf shrubs:

Restaurant entrance Red leaf shrubs

And here are two more beautiful flowers from the restaurant's garden:

Red flowers White flowers

It was such a classy place, there was only a discrete sign showing its name, which we didn't think to photograph. And now we can't remember what it was called!

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