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As you can see from the map at the bottom of the main Inka Trail page, we rode the train from Cusco to KM 104, a trip of around 4 hours. We took one of the "backpacker special" trains and it was pretty comfortable. Not as luxurious as some of the trains making the journey from Cusco to Machu Picchu, but more commodious than some we saw. We were picked up at our hotel after a VERY early breakfast (Cusco hotels are used to having guests who want to leave early for Machu Picchu) and deposited at the train station by the Cusco representative of our tour agency. Here are some scenes at the station before our departure:

Backpacker's train car Train station Backpacker's train car

And here's the train leaving us behind at KM 104, tired of sitting and ready to walk!

Departing train Empty train track
Inka Trail sign

Here we are at the beginning of the trail, where Hernán, our wonderful guide, took this picture. He also took care of all the paperwork necessary for us to begin the hike. The Peruvian government tightly regulates traffic on the Trail. You must go with a certified guide and only limited numbers are allowed on the Trail each day.

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All photos, unless otherwise credited, are © by Henry J. Amen III. Please do not use without permission.