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The first portion of the trail was not terribly scenic, at least in comparison to what we saw later, but we expected this from the descriptions we had read. Our first task was to cross the Urubamba River. Here is the river and the bridge we crossed.

Urubamba River Bridge over the Urubamba at KM 104

Here are some shots of this lower trail, to give you an idea what it was like. There was a lot of vegetation and we crossed a little brook near the beginning. But you can see that it would have been pretty hot were it not for the cloud cover.

Smaller bridge

The trail took us by Choquesuysuy, an archeological site not far from the KM 104 stop that is not very well preserved. But, as you can see from these pictures, it still presented some good photo ops, both of structures...

Choquesuysuy Choquesuysuy Choquesuysuy
Choquesuysuy Choquesuysuy Choquesuysuy

... and terraces leading up to more majestic views...

Choquesuysuy Choquesuysuy Choquesuysuy

In addition, we could see a stream coming down the steep mountainside that our guide told us was coming from Wi˝aywayna, the site which marked our halfway point and where we'd have lunch. If you look closely in the photo at the left below, you can see the structures of Wiñaywayna, WAY up the mountain. A somewhat daunting sight from where we were standing at the time.

Waterfall from Winaywayna Flowers Stream from Winaywayna

Although we knew the scenery would get better as we climbed, there were still plenty of chances to stop and take photos, and enjoy the view. As well as to chat with Hernán about what we were seeing. (Note the heavy bag of lunch he was carrying; we were very glad to get that when we finally made it up to Wiñaywayna.)

Joan on the trail A break on the trail

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