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CuscoColonial Church in Cusco

View of Cusco from Sacsayhuaman

There was a LOT to see in and around Cusco. The photo above was taken on the hill of Sacsayhuamán, looking down on the city and out at Nevado Auzangate. Cusco is at an elevation of 11,000 feet, which gives their soccer team a great home-field advantage!

Here are links to our photos of sights and activities, including trips to nearby archeological areas, and there is a map of the central city below:


Map of Peru showing Cusco

Map of Cusco

This map was on the reverse of the "Boleto Turistico," pictured below, that allows entrance to many of the area's attractions (but not the churches; you have to buy a separate ticket for those and we decided we wouldn't have time to put it to use). The ticket also serves as a "certificate" of having visited Cusco, the "archeological capital of South America and part of the cultural heritage of humanity." Somewhat purple prose, perhaps, but we agree with it!

Boleto Turistico

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