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We were lucky enough to be in Lima on the right weekend, and were able to see the top two teams in the Peruvian league square off. It's a heated rivalry, too, since both teams are based in Lima, so that added extra spice to the occasion. Everywhere we went, taxi drivers, museum tour guides, everyone, had an opinion on who should win—Cristal or Alianza. Cristal was our team since Father Jorge, who got our tickets, is a life-long Cristal fan.

Some shots of the crowd ...

Cristal flag in stands
Cristal supporters
Alianza supporters
Alianza supporters
stands panorama

Take a look at the seats we had !

very cushy seats and a great view

Pregame festivities .. (only Henry would think to take a picture of the referees)

referees Cristal
military dignitaries

We were given a tour of the Peruvian trophy collection, housed behind the box seats we occupied...

Peruvian soccer trophies Peruvian soccer trophies

A big thank you to our fabulous host, Cristal fan Father Jorge, who was quite pleased with the 2-0 win his team got over arch-rival Alianza...

Fr. Jorge, our host

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All photos, unless otherwise credited, are © by Henry J. Amen III. Please do not use without permission.