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This beautiful colonial building, not far from the main square in downtown Lima, was once the residence of a wealthy Spanish family. Today it houses Perú's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Uncle Nelson had to pull a lot of strings to allow us to tour it. After working the phones for several days, he was able to set it up for Sr. Néstor Benavides, the gentleman on the left below, to show us around.

Our group in Torre Tagle

Of course given its present function, we weren't able to see all of it, but what we saw was quite impressive. Like all colonial structures, it had a large central courtyard that used to be where the carriages, like the restored one shown here, would drive in. On the left you can see the entrance to the courtyard from the street.

Torre Tagle entrance Restored carriage

Here are two views of the courtyard from ground level. On the left, Uncle Nelson is with the cane. He hadn't gotten the memo yet about Henry liking to take pictures of people, which requires frequent posing.

Torre Tagle courtyard Torre Tagle courtyard

The most famous features of the palace are the gorgeous wooden balconies on the front wall. On the right you can see one of the balconies from the inside. The picture in the middle shows a view similar to that on the Peruvian 20-sol currency notes.

Torre Tagle balcony Torre Tagle balcony Inside the Torre Tagle balcony

As impressive as the outside of the structure is, with the ornate balconies, the interior is even more breathtaking. Here are two views of the courtyard space from the surrounding arcade.

Torre Tagle Torre Tagle

Here are a couple of different conference rooms. You can imagine pretty elegant dinner parties here!

Room with chandelier Conference table

Perhaps the single most amazing element in the palace is the stunning woodwork. Here is an incredible ceiling, a wooden grille, and a restored bowsprit, used for decoration.

Wooden ceiling Woodwork Bowsprit

But, then, there was the intricate tile work...

Hallway with tile wainscoting Stairway with tile Room with tile baseboard

Here are two more examples of the fabulous detail work in the building.

Torre Tagle door Ceiling molding

And you can't believe this altar... for private family devotions, I suppose

Torre Tagle altar

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All photos, unless otherwise credited, are © by Henry J. Amen III. Please do not use without permission.