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The fabulous photographs on this page were taken by our friend, Russell Kennedy, from Blackburn, England, whom we met in the Rainforest. Russ was able to take the "real" Inka Trail, a four-night trek, so these photos were taken mostly of terrain that we didn't traverse on our shorter hike.

We want to thank Russ very much for sharing his wonderful photos with us!

Here are two breathtaking scenes, taken his first full day on the Trail:

Inka Trail Inka Trail

Morning light must have been especially good for scenic shots, as Russ took several of these. The following two are from his second morning on the Trail:

Sunrise on Inka Trail Inka Trail

Here are a couple more photos taken this day. The one on the left features the photogenic Mt. Veronika, which he got to see much better than we did from the train window!

Mt. Veronika Inka Trail

There are archeological sites all along the Inka Trail, as you might expect. Here are two photos Russ took at Sayacmarca, which is a little more than half-way between KM 88 and Machu Picchu, and sits at over 11,000 feet elevation.

Sayacmarca View from Sayacmarca

Finally, here are two absolutely stunning sunrise photos. They were taken his last morning on the Trail, and what a send-off!

Sunrise on the Inka Trail Sunrise on Inka Trail


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All photos, unless otherwise credited, are © by Henry J. Amen III. Please do not use without permission