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Ollantaytambo — Market & People

Fortunately for our pocketbooks, we were pretty much shopped out from Pisac by the time we got to Ollantaytambo. But here are some views of the market, from above and from closer in ...

Market Market and terraces Market

Of course there were folks there in native dress who probably make a pretty good living (for Perú) posing for pictures with tourists:

Native dress Native dress

We couldn't believe it when Kathy spotted Russell Kennedy, our English friend from the rainforest, at the top of the Ollantaytambo ruins! He had gotten to Cusco the day after us and we rather thought we might see him there, but we never did. As it turned out, though, he saw us on the train to Machu Picchu the next day—he had taken an earlier train and was getting ready to set off on his Inka Trail (he took the 4-night expedition) trek when we passed by and he spotted Henry through the train window! (We found this out through emails after we'd all gotten home—us to San Antonio and him to Blackburn, home of the Rovers.)

Joan took the picture of us with Russ and he took the one on the right below. You can see Henry's red shirt and Kathy's black one on an upper terrace; Russ' group was already down. Thanks to Russ for letting us use this picture!

American and English friends

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