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For the most part these photos are "just" of the mountain scenery surrounding Machu Picchu. But there are a couple that were just so gorgeous I thought they qualified as "scenery" even if they were mainly of buildings. Like this one, for example, one of my favorites of the whole trip. It shows the Guardhouse in the morning mist:

Guardhouse in mist

This photo below may look like pure scenery, but the silhouette in front is actually a carved structure, called the "Sacred Rock," since the Inkas made it, it is believed, to honor the mountains beyond.

Sacred Rock and mountains beyond

And here are some more scenic combinations of structures and mountains...

Mountains behind structures Machu Picchu and Urubama valley
Machu Picchu in morning sun Scenery thru 3 windows

The large conical peak at the left above, you may know, is Waynapicchu, and Henry climbed it. Note the grayish areas near the top; they are Inka structures. Here are some more photos of this mountain.

Waynapicchu Kathy and Waynapicchu Waynapicchu

And here are some lovely scenic shots Henry took during his climb:

View from Waynapicchu trail View from Waynapicchu
View from Waynapicchu
View from Waynapicchu

Some views of the Urubamba River...

Urubama River Urubamba River Urubamba River

The scenery is breathtaking whether accompanied by morning mist or approaching afternoon storms...

Mountains in mist Machu Picchu and mountains
Mountain scenery Mountains in mist

Here is our final scenic shot, taken out of the train window, near Ollantaytambo, on our way back in the evening. One of the peaks is Mt. Veronica, known to the Inkas as Waka Wilqe.

Mountains from the train

Many of the pictures I have classified under Structures provide a lot of good scenery, too. Check them out!

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All photos, unless otherwise credited, are © by Henry J. Amen III. Please do not use without permission.