Today we spent a very nice and somewhat relaxing morning at Olympic Park (올림픽 공원) an enormous and absolutely lovely space. In addition to, of course, the huge buildings built for the 1988 games, they have scores of really interesting sculptures scattered throughout (Henry took LOTS of pictures) and dozens of lovely little seating areas in the shade where we took several nice rests—needed after all the walking involved in seeing the large space.

Here is a map of the Park, and there are many more photos in this Flickr set. Text is continued below.

resting in the Park

Kathy taking a needed nap


reading in the park

Sally reading in the shade


writing postcards

a postcard-writing break

The Park is very well-used, at least judging by the people engaged in many different activities while we were there:

filming in the park

Filming was going on—a commercial?—featuring American football


wedding pictures being taken

wedding pictures were being taken, too


cute Korean kid

cute kids were much in evidence


more cute kids

and more cute kids





power walkers

.... and walkers

Here is the very impressive World Peace Gate (세계평화의문):

World Peace Gate

looking into the Park through the Gate


World Peace Gate

looking out at the city from inside the Park


World Peace Gate

Gate with flowers and a skater


gate painting detail

detail of the painting on the Gate's underside

The Park is full of lovely flora and even some history...

trees in the Park


part of Mochon Tochong fortress

During excavation for the 1988 Olympics, some prehistoric earthworks, of which this photo shows a portion, were discovered!


flowers in the Park

More lovely Park views:

Park lake

every park needs water features...


lake and sculpture

...and this one decorates them with sculptures


view of the city

view of the city over fields of flowers


path in the Park

paths and benches

Some of the Park's nifty sculptures invited interaction with visting tourists:

Sally in a sculpture spacer tourists in a sculpture

There were many styles displayed and many artistic statements made:

fountain sculpture spacer personal sculpture
sculpture spacer

responses to sculpture

the response of a tea-sip and an Aggie to this piece had to be documented!

Many more Olympic Park photos are in this Flickr set.

Sally and I were pretty pooped out and came on back to the apartment after seeing the Park, while Henry soldiered on to a large indoor shopping mall nearby. We are now waiting for Carey to get home and then we'll meet Hal for dinner.


We had a nice, "western" dinner this evening at a delightful restaurant on the 7th floor of a building in Itaewon (이태원), the foreign district near the US military base here. Lots more non-Koreans on the sidewalks and food that we knew what it was when we ordered it!

Henry, Sally and I had pasta and Hal and Carey shared something sort of like fajitas. The food was good, but the great thing about the restaurant was the view from the patio on the roof, although we eventually had to move inside because it was too cool (what a great feeling!). Itaewon is a hilly area so this scenery was very nice. [concluded below]


family dining

Our rooftop table in Itaewon (notice spires of Seoul Central Mosque in the background)

spacer spacer

view of Itaewon

another view of Itaewon

Maybe we'll find a place that will be televising the Spurs game tomorrow morning, or we might just take a break in our sightseeing to come back to the apartment and follow it online. Go Spurs Go!