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Homer/Halibut Cove wildlifeHomer/Halibut Cove scenery

Kenai Fjords wildlifeKenai Fjords scenery

family on the boat

Our boat tour of the Kenai Fjords National Park shoreline was a highlight of our trip. We took a LOT of pictures of the scenery, which you can see on this page, but here are a few that featured family members. As you can see, it was pretty cold on the boat.

family on the boat
family on the boat
family in front of a glacier
Also, while the boat was not uncomfortably crowded, it was hard to take pictures that didn't include some of our unknown tourist companions.
The calving glaciers we saw made a terrific backdrop for family photos, in spite of the exposure difficulties.
Chris & Katherine
Hal and glacier
Nelson on the boat
The trip back from the furthest point of the tour was rather uneventful. Some of us took the opportunity for a nap, while others were a little more active in their passing of the time...
Sally & Katherine playing
Sally & Katherine playing
Sally & Katherine playing
Here Kathy is with Sally and Katherine at the sign advertising Homer's claim to fame—in addition to its great scenery, that is...
....family bundled up and ready to go...

The boat we took from Homer to Halibut Cove was the Danny J...

...here's Sally ready to set sail...

Sally on the Danny J
Katherine on the boat
...Katherine in her PFD...

Once we were on Halibut Cove's island, we took a wonderful hike along the shore before we toured the picturesque town.

The scenery along the hike was amazing, and, of course, the kids enjoyed being able to stretch their legs.

family on the boat
family at Halibut Cove
family on the beach
Part of the trail was right on the "beach"...
family on the trail

...but most of it led through a luxurious forest, with views of the sea always at hand. What great backdrops for family snaps!



See more of this lovely scenery—and happy tourists—here....

family on the trail
Hal & Sally on the trail
Kathy on the trail
Hal on the shore
Hal on a seaside rock
Sally on the trail
Hal on the trail
Nelson & Katherine
One of our major excursions was to Homer, where we did some sight-seeing and then took a boat to Halibut Cove, an incredibly scenic island across Kachemak Bay.