our family on the way to Denali

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Kathy & Sally at Exit Glacier

Our up-close-and-personal encounters with two of Alaska's many glaciers were fascinating experiences.

Here are three photos of us at the Exit Glacier...

...the fact that it was 11 at night explains the deep shadows!

Hal & Sally at Exit Glacier
Kathy & Sally at Portage Glacier
...and here we are at Portage Glacier (thanks to Hal for taking the one below)
family at Portage Glacier
Sally touches the Portage Lake

In between Portage Glacier and the visitor center (that you can see in background below) is a lake full of little icebergs, and Sally had to touch one.

You can see some pictures of the glacier and the lake in this Wikipedia article. Yes, the lake is a good bit bigger now than it was in 1992.

kids at Portage Glacier
kids at Portage Glacier
family at Portage