Our visit to Alaska in 1992 was made possible by the wonderful hosting of Nelson, Sheila, and their family. They were living in Kenai at the time, just around the Cook Inlet from Anchorage.

We also spent part of the vacation with Tootsie, who took an Inside Passage cruise with Uncle Paul and Aunt Florence. After her cruise, she joined us for the last half of our visit.

These pages offer pictures of us and all of these family members, with the super-scenic backdrops we enjoyed, thanks to their hospitality.

On the way up to Alaska, we laid over for a few days in Seattle, where Henry's sister Barbara was living with her family at that time.

The current page covers our brief visit to Seattle/Vancouver. For family pictures from other locations, use these links:

Kenai PeninsulaBoat trips (Homer/Halibut Cove and Kenai Fjords)DenaliGlaciers (Exit and Portage)

Other photos of Seattle/Vancouver are here

family photo
Family portrait in Seattle: Hal, Sally, Kathy, Lytle, Barbara A. and Alexandra (visiting from Portland), Barbara H. and baby Kent—love those roses!
Henry on bike

A highlight of our brief visit in Seattle was their science museum (it's now called the Pacific Science Center, but I don't remember if it had that name in 1992).

Here's a selection of photos showing us enjoying its great activities...

Hal on bike
Kathy on bike
Sally in centrifuge

Unfortunately, Sally wasn't tall enough to take a spin on the exciting bike shown above...

but she enjoyed the centrifuge...

Sally in the mirror
Hal in the mirror
...and both kids liked playing with the big mirrors...
Hal & Sally by the water
Here are a few more photos from our brief Seattle/Vancouver visit ...
"Sittin' on the dock o' the bay"...in Seattle
family at sunset
Kathy, Hal, Lytle, Sally, Barbara & Kent
enjoy a Seattle sunset...
Kathy & Tootsie's ship
Kathy with Tootsie's cruise ship in Vancouver harbor
The whole crew (including Uncle Paul and Aunt Florence) at the cruise ship dock
Tootsie at the Canada border park