On the way up to Alaska, we laid over for a few days in Seattle, where Henry's sister Barbara was living with her family at that time.

This page displays photos taken during our brief but enjoyable visit. During our stay we managed to do a lot of sight-seeing and other activities, in both Seattle and in Vancouver.

Unfortunately, the pictorial record doesn't reflect this level of activity. Perhaps, in those pre-digital days, we were trying to save our film for Alaska?

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space needle
space needle

It was easy to take good pictures of these Seattle icons with the lovely weather that coincided with our visit.

Here are two shots of the Space Needle, and a more natural symbol of the northwest, taken in the Harpers' yard ...

pond sculpture
flags in the park

Other features of the pond that you can see by the needle in the picture above are these dinosaur sculptures. Fitting decor for the grounds of the science museum that we so enjoyed visiting (see pictures of us at the museum here).


Probably on the same outing, Henry took pictures of hosts and tourists in this impressive plaza of flags:

Canada flag garden

Taking Tootsie to Vancouver to catch her cruise ship for the inside passage allowed us to set foot in Canada (a first for our kids).

These two photos were taken in the lovely park right on the border. In addition to the impressive plantings, there was plenty of open space for stretching our legs.

We also visited a park and aquarium in Vancouver itself, but unfortunately have no photos from that part of our visit.

Tootsie, Sally, Hal & Lytle in the park