The town of Kenai was our base of operations for this wonderful Alaska vacation, and this page highlights the scenery in this neighborhood.

Nelson, Sheila, and their kids, lived just a block from Cook Inlet, which afforded us some fantastic scenic views with no real travel required.

In addition, we took some short excursions elsewhere on the Kenai Peninsula. On this page you can see some scenic shots from Hidden Lake, Skilak Lake, and an unidentified lake we visited early in our trip.

More Kenai-area photos are on these pages: featuring peoplefeaturing wildlife

Our major trips on the Kenai Peninsula were to: Homer/Halibut CoveKenai Fjords National ParkExit GlacierPortage Glacier

Can you imagine living just a block away from views like these? Those were our accommodations during most of our Alaska trip...
Cook Inlet
Cook Inlet
Cook Inlet beach
Cook Inlet beach
Cook Inlet beach

In addition to providing great views, the Inlet also makes this handy beach...


...great for quick outings with the kids...

kids on the cliff
Here we are on the cliffs that lead from the Amens' street down to the beach...
closeup of cliff
...and, on the right, a closeup of a colorful section of the cliff...
rocks on the beach
rocks on the beach
Cook Inlet
Here's a few more shots of this spectacular scenery, taken from the vantage point of the beach...
volcanoes across the inlet
parachutes and mountains
On another outing, this one a bit further from home, but still in the town of Kenai, Henry took the picture on the left to show that even in the middle of town you still have great views of the volcanoes across the Inlet...
...and on the same trip, we saw this flock of military paratroopers floating to earth amid the scenic backdrop of the mountains...
fields near Kenai
pond and geese
These shots show some more mundane, but still attractive scenery around Kenai...
raft on a lake
scenic lake

 The photos below were taken early in our visit, and near Kenai, I think, but we don't know where exactly...

...still, it's lovely scenery, isn't it?

yellow flowers

Finally, here are two shots of more intimately-scaled scenery...some of the lovely flowers we saw in Alaska.

The lupines were, I believe, near Nelson's house. The impressive field of yellow might have been on our trip across the Peninsula to Exit Glacier and Resurrection Bay. The cute trailer in the background is the loaner lodging we took on that trip...

Hidden Lake campground

 One of our Kenai Peninsula camping trips was to Hidden Lake.

What a lovely spot!

Hidden Lake
scenery at Hidden Lake
Hidden Lake
kids @ Hidden Lake
moon over the mountains
moon over the mountains
A special treat was the full moonrise we got to witness in these beautiful surroundings...
Skilak Lake

 Another lake excursion was to Skilak Lake. Most of the photos taken there featured people prominently; you can see them here.

But here are two scenic views at Skilak lake, one micro, one macro...