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NOTE: There are brief annotations by some of the links if the letters contain information that relates to something in the Journal or an important family event. But these are by no means the only reasons to read the letters; I found them all to be interesting snapshots of a young person's life in the '40s. In particular, if you want to know what songs were popular in England or the U.S. at a given time, or what were the best movies showing, the letters will fill you in!

Unfortunately, we do not have the letters that June, Una, any other family members, or any of their friends, wrote to Billy. However, we did find, in summer, 2007, some photos that I believe June and others sent to him while he was in England.

In addition, we can assume that he wrote a lot of letters, based on an often-updated address book that we found with his papers.

* unless otherwise noted, letters are to June

1941 Letters (all from A & M)

February 5 March 28
March 28 (to Una)
April 22
February 10 April 2 May 5
March 19 April 19 May 13
March 26 April 20 May 20
May 26

1942 Letters

April 5 from Kelly Field, San Antonio November 1 (to Una) from Ft. Myers, FL November 10 from Ft. Myers, FL

July 22 from Kelly Field, San Antonio

November 2 from Ft. Myers, FL November 16 from Ft. Myers, FL
August 3 from Kelly Field, San Antonio November 4 (to Una) from Avon Park, FL November 29 from Ft. Myers, FL
September 18 from Hondo, TX
September 18 (to Una)
includes descriptions of some training flights; discusses upcoming graduation
November 6 (to Una) from Ft. Myers, FL December 4 from Ft. Myers, FL
December 25 from Avon Park, FL

1943 Letters

January 9 from Avon Park, FL June 13 from Avon Park, FL September 1 from England
describes another trip to London
January 24 from Avon Park, FL June 20 from West Palm Beach, FL
on last leave before heading out
September 4 from England
January 31 from Avon Park, FL
describes some flying
June 22 from Avon Park, FL September 8 from England
joined new crew

February 10 from Avon Park, FL
sent her his airman's wings

June 25 from Avon Park, FL September 14 from England
February 18 from Avon Park, FL
comments on June's wanting to be a WAC
July 1 from Avon Park, FL
on official alert
September 18 from England
March 13 from Avon Park, FL July 3 from Avon Park, FL September 22 from England
first mention of having flown missions
March 23 from Avon Park, FL
put on a combat crew
July 5 from Avon Park, FL
knows where he's going but can't say
October 2 from England
April 24 from Tampa, FL July 8 from Avon Park, FL October 13 from England
April 29 from Avon Park, FL
moved to 480th Bombardment Squadron
July 22 from APO (while stuck in Presque Isle, ME)
mentions it will be his last uncensored letter for a while
October 22 from England
April 30 (to Una) from Avon Park, FL August 4 from England
first from the E.T.O.

October 26 from England
(Billy refers to an Easter outfit of June's; here is a picture of it )

May 3 from Avon Park, FL
talks about Sonny
August 9 from England November 2 from England
May 9 from Avon Park, FL
talks about training; expects to leave in June
August 14 from England
talks about leave in London, with much description
November 8 from England
May 17 from Avon Park, FL
mentions some buddies flew over Houston
August 17 from England November 13 from England
May 18 from Avon Park, FL August 22 from England December 8 from England
May 25 from Avon Park, FL
talks about flying over Cuba and the Bahamas
August 27 from England
talks about barrack-mates; refers to Junie's baptism
December 9 from England
included a page from a "Yank" magazine; here are images of the enclosure
June 8 from Avon Park, FL
talks about a trip to Houston
August 28 from England
refers to "jotting down" notes about trip

December 19 from England
describes a close call for Mick

December 25 from England
talks about Christmas present from a Houston group; Enderton gets DFC

Official Army Christmas card

1944 Letters

January 2 from England April 7 from England
July 4 from England
refers to Chuck and Mac going home
January 7 from England April 8 from England
cut-out from censor
July 5 from England
January 12 from England
describes visit to London
April 12 from England
talks about tail gunner's wedding to an English girl
July 12 from England
"Bird Dog Special" crew all have gone home
January 20 from England April 20 from England
refers to Una's wedding to Joe Nolen
August 11 from England
refers to picture with the "Jolly Roger" and picture in his cockpit, which might be this one
January 26 from England April 26 from England September 6 from France
refers to taking "quite a few more pictures"
February 1 from England
mentions promotion to 1st Lt.
May 9 from England September 11 from France
February 8 from England
talks about move to 391st, missing friends
May 15 from England September 15 from France
February 14 from England
the shorthand notes on the last page were made by June
May 27 from England
moved again (back to 323rd)
September 24 from France

February 17 (to Una) from England
(refers to his move to the 391st, see return address on the envelope)

June 2 from England September 30 from England
on leave
February 28 from England June 10 from England
refers to D-Day

October 3 from England
"not doing much lately"

March 10 from England
refers to a mission of "Lard's" over Berlin
June 14 from England December 4 from Santa Ana, CA
long letter describing trip to California
March 20 from England June 24 from England December 10 from Santa Ana, CA
April 6 from England
June 30 from England December 21 from hospital in Santa Ana
would have been home for Christmas (transferred to Ellington Field) but for chicken pox
December 30 from hospital in Santa Ana
papers messed up due to delay in the hospital means not home for New Year's

Christmas card

1945 Letters

February 19 from San Antonio March 14-15 from Brady April 3 from Brady
detailed wedding and living plans
February 26 from San Antonio March 21 from Brady November 20 from Louisville, KY
March 12 from Brady, TX
(flying school;"not exactly a resort")
March 29 from Brady November 24 from Louisville


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