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newNote the new (2015) addition of the Postwar Postscript! This is a narrative describing Billy's service after the war, and includes photos, letters, and a timeline. Of particular interest are his accounts of life during an 18-month tour in Newfoundland with the Northeast Air Command, when he was able to visit Greenland and other areas in the far north. An accomanying Flickr Collection contains all the photos.

Journal Entries

Supplementary Material

Complete Journal text:

Note: I have recently (2014) scanned the original Journal pages and believe that the resulting images are much superior to the scans I made several years ago. In addition, I have included sections of the Journal, in case this makes for more convenient viewing and/or copying. (Note that the dates are journal entry dates; occasionally events described took place several weeks before.)

The picture at the top of this page is a digital reproduction of a painting of a B-26 Marauder by Pearl Greenstein (Momoo) dated 1947. I had the painting reframed and hung on my newly-painted study wall and thus wanted to update the graphic on the website. I believe the painting finally has a setting commensurate with the importance it has for me.

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