These somewhat miscellaneous photos were taken at locations as varied as Galveston and Washington, D.C. One trip to Bellingrath Gardens in Mobile, Alabama (probably while we were living in Georgia, or on our way there) is the only location with enough photos to require a separate page. When possible, I have identified the locations of these pictures, but at any rate have arranged them in chronological order as best I could, mainly judging by how old Joan and I look in them.

These three Galveston photos are the earliest in the bunch, as I don't look much more than 2 and Mom and Dad look correspondingly young as well. The other folks on the seawall are Uncle Arthur, Aunt Lillian, and Mamaw:

Sitting on the seawall
Me and Dad
Sitting on the seawall

Here are some more very early pictures, taken in Lubbock, where we lived briefly (perhaps Dad was in summer school at Tech?) in 1951, according to the labels on the photos. I don't remember skating in Lubbock, but I do remember skating a lot in Great Falls.

Me on skates Lubbock, Texas Me on skates

Here is a photo taken in Baton Rouge, where Dad was in graduate school, later in 1951. The children with us were those of his friend Warid, who is from Egypt. He continued to correspond with Mom for many years, and always referred gratefully to the kindnesses Dad showed him when they were in grad school together:

Kids at LSU

Mom and I took a trip to Washington, D.C. while Dad was stationed in Newfoundland, in 1953 (that's the date on the photo after the White House shots below). This is the only slide I've come across from this visit; it appears to be of me at the edge of the White House lawn, and here is another unmistakably at that location, I guess while Ike was in residence:

Kathleen at White House Kathleen at White House

We must have stayed at the Hotel Commodore which, according to its website, is now the Phoenix Park Hotel and is near Capitol Hill:

Dad and me in DC

Here I am in three different fountain/garden settings in D.C.:

Kathleen Kathleen Kathleen

I'm not sure where the photos above were taken, but this was definitely at the old Smithsonian "castle," which Joan, Steve, and I visited some 50+ years later. We made a point of getting a photo of me in more-or-less the same spot:

Kathleen at Smithsonian Kathleen at the Smithsonian

The following airport photo might have been taken in conjunction with the 1950's trip, perhaps as Mom and I were departing (note what I think is a Howdy-Doody doll in my hand).

Joan, Kathleen, June

These three slides, presumeably all of LaGuardia airport, must have been taken on another trip, possibly as Dad returned to Newfoundland from meeting us in DC? I think it's great to see what airports looked like back then.

La Guardia Airport
Airport, ca. 1952
Airport, ca. 1952

Here are some more (probably) Galveston photos, this time with an added subject, but unfortunately undated:

Ferris wheel At the beach At the beach

Next we have a collection of pictures, both slides and photos, taken at a playground in a neighborhood I do not recognize at all. Houston? Georgia? On the road somewhere? Who knows?

Kathleen and Joan Joan and Kathleen
on the slide on the slide Dad on the slide
on the slide
Joan and Kathleen

Here are three more formal poses, which seem somewhat contemporaneous with those above. Again, I do not recognize these locations. The first two were probably taken at the same place (same clothes in each). The third seems to be in a different season, going by the clothing.

Mom, Kathleen, Joan Joan, Mom, Kathleen
Kathleen, Mom, Joan

Here are three taken a bit later, I believe, the first two at the same time, presumeably, and the last at a motel pool on a road trip. I don't recognize the little boy in the chair swing with us.

Joan and Kathleen in a chair swing at a pool

Here's a good example of Mom's sewing—matching outfits. The picture was unlabelled as to date or location.

Joan and Kathleen

And a final, mysterious motel shot. The car is the one we took to Montana, but this doesn't look like it's on that trip. That's me posing, with Mom and Joan hurrying somewhere behind me.

Motel somewhere


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