I was born shortly before the '50's began, in February of 1949. This blessed event occurred in Bryan, Texas, while Dad was finishing up his bachelor's degree on the G.I. Bill at Texas A&M and Mom was working in the Aggie registrar's office. Here is the earliest picture of myself; I look to be around 4-6 months old:

Kathleen as baby

My cousin Nancy, oldest of the Greenstein cousins, remembers traveling to College Station with Momoo to visit soon after I was born. They rode the train and Dad picked them up at the "train station."  The rest of her reminiscence: "Then the station was a wooden building about as big as Momoo and Popoo's garage.  As I remember it was out in the middle of nowhere. A&M was about all there was in College Station at that time, A&M and the train station.  ... Your mom and dad's apartment was the student living quarters for the corps members. The buildings were former barracks. I really thought I was big stuff getting to go with Momoo on the train. Aunt Una and Uncle Joe met us there later in the day and Momoo and I rode back to Houston with them."

When I was nine months old, I sat for a formal portrait, and apparently wasn't very happy about it. Mom explained the tear in the second picture; it took a while for the photographer to get me to stop crying and he snapped it right away when I did.

Kathleen at 9 mos. Kathleen at 9 mos.

Here I am just shy of my first birthday (Mom wrote "February 12, 1950" on the back of the snapshot. I don't know where this slide was, but it's a great shot of Mom and me:

Mom and me at slide

Here are a couple more informal photos. I do not know where they were taken, but my cousin Nancy thinks they might be in the yard of one of Momoo's friends who lived near McKee Street, which was where where Momoo and Popoo lived before they moved to Watson Street in the Heights in the early 1940's. I don't remember the friend at all, but here is Nancy's reminiscence: "Mrs. Stell was Momoo's dearest friend. Quite a lady. The photo on the left brought back memories of her yard on Hardy street. The "house in the back" was her "shed" where she kept all of her tools. I dearly loved her and it was really a treat when Momoo and I would visit her. She had a big back yard and flowers and vegetables everywhere. She was also one of Momoo's painting friends."


I seem to be around two in this last trio of portraits, and they must have been taken just after Dad's re-enlistment, in 1951. Mom told me that he was assigned as an instructor at College Station at this time.

Kathleen at 2?
Kathleen at 2?
Aggieland Studio

This one is another studio shot, taken some time later, but it's not dated:



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