When I think of my childhood, the location that most easily comes to mind is Great Falls, Montana, where we lived from the summer of 1955 until the end of the school year in 1960. Dad was killed in April of that year, and after school was over we moved back to Houston. During our time in Great Falls, Dad was stationed at Malmstrom Air Force Base, which later became a key location in the Strategic Air Command network. I don't know if there were missle silos in place while we were there, but I do remember a large-scale, possibly city-wide, evacuation practice that we undertook, as well as the usual duck-and-cover attack drills in school. Later in our stay in Great Falls, Dad was assigned as an Air Force liaison officer to the Montana National Guard, whose base was located at the airport on the other side of town from Malmstrom, and so he spent some time there, and some time at the AF base.

I've divided up the many Montana photographs into these major categories:

I have been able to correct and enhance some of the information and photos on some of these pages, thanks to knowledge gained during our 2014 trip to Montana, and through deeper study of Dad's papers. Pages that have new information and/or photos are marked with a yellow *.

Here is a map of the state for reference showing the major locations of the photographs—Great Falls and Glacier Park:

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