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We didn't take very many pictures at all in this town, since we weren't there for long—just an hour or so upon our arrival on this side of the Andes, and then a short excursion here before we left for Cusco. Here is really our only shot of the town itself, out the back of the bus that transported us between the airport and the river:

Puerto Maldonado

But this gives a pretty good idea of what it was like: dirt streets, not many cars (but a LOT of motorcycles) and, though you can't see it here, a sprinkling of tourist shops and internet cafes.

Here is Kathy getting off the plane upon our arrival in the jungle (and gasping at the heat and humidity), and sitting in the bus waiting to be taken to the Reserva Amazonica lodge. We had a lot less luggage than most of the other people in our group. One lady was even carrying a small table she had bought in Cusco and was going to ship home.

Getting off the plane Reserva Amazonica bus

On our way out of the jungle two days later we took a brief tour of a butterfly farm and research institution near the airport. Most of the pictures we took there were of the insects and can be see here. But here are the guides that showed us around, and Kathy posing with a nice butterfly postcard that we bought (along with an ice cream cone, already eaten) to support the work of the center.

Butterfly farm guides Kathy and bus

All too soon, we were in the PM airport again, waiting for our flight to Cusco. Here are photos of the inside and outside of the airport, which was small and un-air-conditioned, but otherwise nice enough. Note the motorcycles in the parking lot.

PM Airport lobby PM Airport parking lot

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