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We saw some neat animals and birds during our rainforest stay, but unfortunately many of these did not lend themselves to being photographed. The caimans along the river bank whose red eyes we saw on our night excursions, for example, and the monkeys that Kathy saw around the lodge but was without the camera. Also, the birds we saw on our forest canopy and Concepción excursions were either too shy or too quick, or both, for our camera. Henry was able to get some good pictures of the birds and butterflies that lived around the lodge. And a couple of good shots from the butterfly farm in Puerto Maldonado. And, of course, the plants stood still for us, so we got some good pictures of them.

First, the fauna:

This handsome toucan lived at the lodge....

toucan toucan

... as did these macaws:

macaw macaws
macaw macaw


We saw this cute line of turtles in a pond at the butterfly farm...


... and this rather large ladybug not far from our cabin:


This "owl butterfly" and a hungry caterpillar were at the butterfly farm. The center did a nice job of arranging exhibits to show the butterflies' life cycles.

Owl butterfly Green caterpillar

And here are two lovely shots of a monarch butterfly on a large flowering shrub at the lodge:

Monarch Monarch

And we certainly can't forget the industrious leaf-cutter ants we saw at Concepción.

Leaf-cutter ants

Now to the flora. Which of course means trees as well as flowers. Here are two good shots of ficus trees, and their attendant parasitic vines, that were very common around the lodge.

Ficus Ficus

There were some familiar flowers, like these hibiscus. The one on the left was at the lodge, the other one at the butterfly farm.

Hibiscus Hibiscus

And then there were other flowers that were unlike any we'd seen before, like this passionflower at the butterfly farm:

Passion Flower

We don't know the name of this pretty yellow flower on the lodge grounds, but Henry seemed quite taken with it (although he might have just been experimenting with his camera's macro capabilities):

Yellow flowers Yellow flower closeup Yellow Flower extra closeup

This baby pineapple plant was beside the trail on our way out of Concepción. You can see it was already after dark.


And, finally, here are three lovely red flowers that were at the butterfly farm.

Red flowers Red flower Red flowers

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All photos, unless otherwise credited, are © by Henry J. Amen III. Please do not use without permission.