This page will mostly be of interest to our family and friends. It's generally arranged by location, with a few miscellaneous shots mixed in.

First of all, Henry had to test out his new camera; what better way to spend that down time on the flight!

Excited to be in the air Trying to sleep on the plane Sally on the flight to the Big Island

Now, the quintessentially Hawaiian experience, the luau. If you want to see a 50-second movie of Henry's hula demonstration, click here (at your own risk)

Henry and spear Ellen and spear Carey and spear
Sally and spear
Hal and spear

Sally and Carey with their special coconut drinks:

Sally and drink
Carey and drink

On the left you'll see Henry in the warm-up session before the "performance." The remaining pictures are from the "show."

Henry warming up The hula dance Shaka!

Our family Christmas card:

Merry Christmas from the Amens

Beth wasn't with us (Amen family joke) but we still had to have photos of almost every meal. Top left is the sandwich shop on the north shore, top right is the Korean restaurant in Waikiki, bottom left is Duke's in the Outrigger Hotel, and bottom right is the very over-priced, but nicely situated eatery/bar at a neighboring hotel.

North shore sandwich shop
Korean cuisine
Living it up on the beach

Of course we spent a lot of time on beaches....

The top quartet of pictures below were taken on the north shore. (If you're wondering why Sally looks so unhappy in the picture at the right, you have to realize it was her last day in Hawai'i!) Then Henry and Hal tried to boogie board off Waikiki, and the final two were taken at the Turtle Bay Resort Beach (they let the public in, but you have to ask!) on Kuilima Point and on the beach at Lanikai, respectively.

Family on the beach Sally is sad to leave Hawaii
Relaxing on the beach
Relaxing on the beach
Boogie boarders
Carey at Turtle Bay
Family at Lanikai

Hal didn't let a spare moment go by without working on a crossword puzzle:

Hal and xword Hal and xword Hal and xword

On the Manoa Valley hike we got some good family pictures in addition to all the scenery. The last one shows a sign describing a recent landslide at the Manoa Falls.

Carey and Ellen
Hal and Carey
Kathy and Hal Henry and tree Ellen and Kathy
Family on the trail
Sign at the waterfall

Here's Henry enjoying the view from our apartment balcony:

Henry and Aliawa Canal

Three more Honolulu shots: The family at the harbor, just before taking Sally to the airport, Ellen and Carey shopping, and also at Pearl Harbor.

The whole group Shopping for jewelry

Ellen & Carey at Pearl Harbor

Kathy really liked almost nothing better than sitting and watching the waves crash into the shore, especially near Sandy Beach; sometimes, though, her reveries were interrupted. Here she is taking a phone call while on the hike to Makapu'u Point from Sally , unfortunately already back home and at work.

Kathy sitting A call from home

Here's another good picture near Sandy Beach:

Hal and Carey

We got some great views, and good family photos, at the tops of overlooks. Here's Kathy at the top of Diamondhead, and with Hal at the top of Makapu'u Point. The other two pictures are from Makapu'u as well.

Kathy on Diamonhead Kathy and Hal
Sunny overlook
Kathy and Hal

Again, there were good snapshot opportunities all along the east coast of O'ahu, as well as great scenery:

Hal and Carey Carey in a stiff wind
Kathy, Hal and Carey
Henry checking the camera

Unfortunately we weren't able to take any underwater pictures and share the amazement of our snorkeling with you, but you can see how dorky snorkelers look out of the water and how they look to the observer when snorkeling .... (these pictures are an assortment from Hanauma Bay, Turtle Bay, and Lanikai)

Henry at Hanauma Bay
Snorkeling Fiddling with the equipment
Kathy snorkeling
Happy snorkeler

Here are 4 shots of Hal in the water. The first shows him pretty close to the edge of the snorkel-able area at Turtle Bay.

Hal at Turtle Bay
Hal snorkeling
Coming up for air

We took most of the "people only pictures" on O'ahu, when more of the family was together, but here is an assortment from Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park: Sally on the Pu'u O'o hike, Kathy at the the crater named for her favorite basketball player, Henry at one of the Pu'u O'o beacons, Kathy at her end of the Pu'u O'o hike, and mother and daughter hiking, on lava and on the Crater Rim trail. Plus one of Kathy on the northern coast.

Sally with lava in the background
Manu Ginobili!
Henry and Pu'u O'o beacon
Kathy and Pu'u O'o Lava trail
Kathy on Big Island


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