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We actually saw several churches in Lima, but only have interior views of the Church of San Pedro, and exterior views of the Lima Cathedral. Some of the churches did not permit photography indoors, and some were visited while we were camera-less. But the photos we have can certainly give you an idea of the splendid church architecture on view in Lima.

Fortunately, we were able to supplement Henry's photos with those of Russell Kennedy, a new friend we made during our visit to the Rainforest. He was kind enough to let us use some of his lovely views of the churches.

First, a quartet of altar pictures from San Pedro, a Jesuit church ...

Side altar in San Pedro
Main altar, San Pedro
Side altar, San Pedro
Nave altar, San Pedro

Two more interior shots...

Interior, San Pedro Side aisle, San Pedro

Two exterior views of the Cathedral ...

Lima Cathedral Lima Cathedral

and, finally, a magnificent dome ...

Cupola above the main altar, San Pedro

Here are Russ' church photos. First, a couple of great interior shots of the Cathedral:

Cathedral interior Cathedral interior

He was also able to get this nice picture of one of the Cathedral's altars, as well as a shot of the tomb of Francisco Pizzaro.

Cathedral altar Pizzaro's tomb

His exterior shot of the Cathedral was more panoramic than those of Henry above:

We also visited the Monasterio de San Francisco, a couple of blocks from the Cathedral, but unfortunately didn't have a camera at the time. Here are two photos taken by Russ of a lovely arcade, and the courtyard, of the monastery:

San Francisco arcade San Francisco courtyard

Russ also got this picture of some of the amazing interior decoration at San Francisco:

San Francisco

But the big attraction at the monastery is the extensive subterranean catacombs. The low light there poses a problem for photographers, but Russ did a good job with this shot of bones and tourists:


Finally, we need to thank Russ for sending us this nice shot of Lima's Plaza Mayor, site of these wonderful colonial buildings. Uncle Nelson told us it used to be called the Plaza de Armas, but by any name it's an attractive place to stroll:

Plaza Mayor

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All photos, unless otherwise credited, are © by Henry J. Amen III. Please do not use without permission.