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London's museums are among the most wonderful things about the city. If I lived there, I'd spend hours in them whenever I could, knowing that I'd always have more new things to see on the next visit. They are just that rich in fascinating exhibits, artfully displayed. And, best of all, they are almost all free!

Science museums include the London Science Museum (of course), the Natural History Museum, the Maritime Museum in Greenwich, the Wellcome Collection, which specializes in medicine, and the Garden Museum. I was able to take a lot of photos in these places. Not so, however, in the art museums, so my Art Museums page consists primarily of photos of these buildings from the outside: the National Gallery, Tate Britain and Tate Modern. War Museums include the Imperial War Museum, Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms, and the National Army Museum.

Photos of some other museums, such as the Courtauld and the British Library, of which I had only a picture or two, can be seen in this Flickr set covering Other London Museums.

To see where the London Museums are located, here is a map:

View a larger version of the London Museums map here.

I visited museums on most of my trips out of London, and photos from these are included in the pages covering these areas: EdinburghScottish HighlandsDuxford (in East Anglia)Cambridge

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