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Museum of London

A good bit of this interesting Museum was closed for redevelopment construction when we visited, but the parts that were open were very informative and well-designed. Chronologically, we were able to study London history up through the Great Fire of 1666. We went on a guided tour of the Great Fire section and learned a lot about that devastating, pivotal point in the city's history. There are a few more photos from the Museum (we didn't take too many) in this Flickr set. You can also read more about the visit in this blog post.

In many ways the most fascinating exhibits dealt with London's much more distant past, when it was a Roman outpost. Here is a section of the original Roman wall, visible just outside the museum, and an example of Roman sculpture from the London area.

ancient London wall
Roman sculpture

London has always been an entertainment center, and here are examples of different aspects of leisure-time pursuits: a model showing the construction of the Globe Theatre, and an impressive athletic trophy of some sort:

Globe Theatre model sports trophy

This odd, but striking, sculpture is just outside the Museum entrance, and just inside is this nice seating area that I took advantage of after our visit. We had quite a long day of sightseeing (visiting Earl's Colne in East Anglia in the morning and early afternoon, before hitting the Museum) and I felt I needed a rest. When I made a subsequent visit to the Museum later in my stay to do some Christmas shopping, I again took advantage of the cafe and had a restful cuppa before heading home.

entrance to the museum
long day of sightseeing at an end

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