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Science Fiction/Fantasy Movies

I have used a pretty broad definition of Science Fiction to compile this list, including movies with any kind of action not explainable by normal human agency (this accounts for the films about the occult or about psychic powers) as well as the more traditional categories of space and time travel, human/alien interaction, etc. After each title, I tried to indicate what sort of sub-field the movie belongs to, although some are pretty hard to classify. The listing also includes my star rating for each movie. As you can tell by the large proportion of 4- and 5-star movies here, I really like science fiction. Your ratings may vary.

(NOTE: Dates covered are mid-1983 through 1996. I didn't start using stars until late 1989, so ratings for movies older than that have been added after the fact. Also, I did not write as many reviews as Siskel & Ebert. These are definitely NOT the only sci/fi movies, or the best sci/fi movies, to come out during this period; they're just the ones I have reviews for.)

2010. Space travel; more of a "hard sci/fi" movie than 2001 was, but still includes some transcendent moments. 4 stars
ALADDIN. Fantasy (wish-granting genie). 4 stars
ALIEN NATION. Human/alien interaction. 3 stars
ANGEL HEART. Occult (devil's bargain) 4 stars
ALIENS. Human/alien interaction; space travel. 5 stars
BACK TO THE FUTURE, PART II. Time travel. 5 stars(original also gets 5 stars)
BACK TO THE FUTURE, PART III. Time travel. 4 stars
BATMAN (superhero)
BATMAN FOREVER (superhero) 3 stars
BATMAN RETURNS (superhero)
BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Fantasy (spells of enchantment and their reversal). 4 stars
BEETLEJUICE. Occult (ghosts); fantasy. 4 stars
BELIEVERS, THE. Occult (voodoo). 3 stars
BIG. Fantasy (child/adult switching). 4 stars
BRIDE, THE. Frankenstein spin-off. 3 stars
CHRISTINE. Occult (demonic possession). 3 stars
COCOON Human/alien interaction. 4 stars
D.A.R.Y.L. Artificial intelligence. 3 stars
DARKMAN. Superman/revenge story. 3 stars
DEAD AGAIN. Occult (reincarnation). 5 stars
DREAMSCAPE. Dream manipulation. 4 stars
ENEMY MINE. Human/alien interaction; space travel. 4 stars
FIRESTARTER. Child with superpower. 2 stars
FLY, THE. Science run amok; genetic tampering. 4 stars
FREEJACK. Time travel; future dystopia. 3 stars
GATTACA. Near future semi-dystopia. 3 stars
GHOSTBUSTERS, PART II. Occult (ghosts, hauntings). 3 stars (first one was better)
GREMLINS. Creature fantasy. 4 stars
GROUNDHOG DAY. Self-enlightenment fantasy. 3 stars
HIDEAWAY. Occult (near-death experience). 2 stars
HITCHER, THE. Malevolent stalker with more-than-human attributes. 2 stars
HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS. Science run amok; gadgets. 4 stars
ICEMAN. Caveman brought to life. 4 stars
INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE. Occult (vampires—duh!). 2 stars
JACOB'S LADDER. Occult. 4 stars
JUMANJI. Fantasy; time travel; occult (haunting). 4 stars

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LABYRINTH. Fantasy (adolescent quest story). 4 stars
LADYHAWKE. Fantasy (magic spells). 3 stars
LITTLE MERMAID, THE. Fantasy (spells of transformation). 4 stars
LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, THE. Human/alien interaction.3 stars
LOST BOYS, THE. Occult (vampires). 3 stars
MAKING MR. RIGHT. Artificial intelligence. 3 stars
MANNEQUIN. Fantasy (pygmalion). 3 stars
MASK, THE. Occult (haunted object confers superpowers). 3 stars
MULTIPLICITY. Cloning. 2 stars
OUTBREAK. Biological disaster. 3 stars
PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED. Time travel. 4 stars
PHANTOM, THE. Seeming super-powers. 2 stars
POLTERGEIST II. Occult (hauntings, ghosts). 3 stars (original was better)
POWDER. Mysterious powers. 2 stars
REPO MAN. Human/alien interaction. 4 stars
ROBOCOP. Future dystopia; gadgets. 3 stars
ROCKETEER, THE. Fantasy; gadgets. 3 stars
SIESTA. Occult. 3 stars
STAR TREK III: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK. Human/alien interaction; space travel; gadgets. 3 stars
STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME. Time travel; space travel. 4 stars
STAR TREK VI: THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY. Human/alien interaction; space travel. 3 stars
STAR TREK: GENERATIONS. Time travel; saving of universe. 3 stars
STARGATE. Human/alien interaction. 3 stars
STAY TUNED. Occult (human/devil interaction). 1 star
SWITCH. Fantasy (gender switching).2 stars
TOTAL RECALL. Space colonization; mutation; psychological manipulation. 3 stars
TOY STORY. Fantasy (toys come to life). 5 stars
VICE VERSA. Fantasy (child/adult switching). 3 stars
WAVELENGTH. Human/alien interaction. 3 stars
WILLOW. Fantasy (witches, fairies, spells, etc.) 4 stars
WITCHES. Occult (witches—duh!). 4 stars

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