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Huanchaco is a lovely beach resort town about 10 miles from Trujillo. We visited it in between our archeological tourist-ing to ChanChan and Huaca de la Luna. It is most famous for the striking reed boats used by the locals for hundreds of years for fishing. We didn't see any of the boats in action but saw several on the beach, some being worked on by villagers.

Reed boats Reed boats Working on reed boats

Here is another shot of the photogenic boats. Our guide at ChanChan showed us that they are the emblem of the town, where she lives. We were given reed boat key chains much like this little one later at the restaurant where we had lunch.

Reed boats Reed boat charm

Here is the view from the restaurant, which served delicious seafood, and a shot of us at our table.

Huanchaco beach
Huanchaco restaurant

We had time for a nice stroll along the beach, too.

Tourist on beach Huanchaco beach Tourists on the beach

During the stroll we did see some fishermen at work...

Huanchaco fisherman Fisherman and tourists

We also visited a lovely church in Huanchaco. We couldn't go inside, but the views from outside were pretty impressive.

Huanchaco church View of Huanchaco from the church

Here is a close-up view of the entrance to the church, and a view down the beach from the balcony shown above (complete with graffiti).

Huanchaco church
View of the beach

There was also a large and very interesting cemetery adjacent to the church, which provided lots of photo ops.

Cemetery Cemetery view Cemetery

Here are some more cemetery photos...

Cemetery Church from cemetery Cemetery flowers

And one last cemetery shot, with a last view of Huanchaco, as seen from the stairs leading to the church.

Cemetery View of Huachaco

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