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We were so impressed with the food we had all over Perú, but some of our best meals were enjoyed in Lima.

Here we are José Antonio's, a very swanky (yet still quite reasonably priced, by American standards) restaurant just across the street from our digs at the Colegio Santa Maria.

Family at Jose Antonio's Family at Jose Antonio's

Marina Rizo-Patrón had strongly recommended this restaurant, and we weren't disappointed by the taste, or the presentation, of the food. A big thank you to Sally for treating us to this meal!

Food at Jose Antonio's

We had a homier, but still quite delicious, lunch at the Santa Maria Reina residence, where Uncle Nelson lives. Lúcama yogurt smoothies—yum!

Lunch at Maria Reina

Having a young person along meant we had to eat at a chain restaurant at least once. There was a Chili's a block from Santa Maria Reina. We were quite surprised to see the signs below on the walls in the restaurant; they made us feel quite at home.

Sally and Uncle Nelson Texas signs in Peru

And here was our last meal in Perú—we knew we were going to miss the excellent, economical cuisine. This restaurant was a very nice one in Uncle Nelson's San Isidro district. [Apologies to Debby for getting cut off—Henry's usually more careful with his framing, but maybe he didn't have room to back up far enough.]

Restaurant in San Isidro

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