Big Island

Waipio Bay

This lovely bay is situated at the end of highway 240, which starts in Honoka'a. We normally don't like one-way roads where you have to see the same scenery on the way back as on the way out, but in this case, we didn't mind seeing it twice! There are trails that can take you further into the valley than the overlook where we took our pictures, but they will have to be reserved for a future trip.

First, here are two shots looking back eastward along the coast, the first one taken at the top of the short trail leading down to the overlook:

Coast at Waipio Coast at Waipio

The following two photos give you an idea of how beautiful the valley is, powerlines notwithstanding:

Waipio beach

Here are various shots of the gorgeous coastline northwest of the overlook. As in many places in Hawai'i, it was hard to stop taking pictures!

Waipio Bay
Waipio Bay
Waipio Bay
Waipio Bay Waipio Bay

Two final photos of this lovely place. The one on the right was taken by a friendly Japanese fellow-tourist, and on the right a telephoto shot of that magnificent cliff.

Waipio Bay with tourists Waipio coast

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