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Statues & Memorials

Memorials of all shapes, sizes, colors and styles, which convey messages of many kinds, are all over London. In addition to the war memorials that I was particularly interested in, there are other memorials, too —honoring people and events—and there are statues that blur the line between public art for art's sake and a purposeful memorialization. That's why I chose to group all of these London sights in one category, albeit on three different pages: War MemorialsOther types of memorials Statues and other public art.

Larger versions of the photos here, plus many more of these and other memorials, are available in these Flickr sets: War MemorialsLondon Memorials & Statues. You can also see many more photos of the settings where many of the memorials reside, in the Parks section of this website. Memorials of various kinds are featured as well in the sections covering the Scottish highlandsEdinburghAveburyEast Anglia

And you can find almost all of the memorials and statues pictured in this section on this map (note that to see the memorials outside of London you'll have to zoom out a few clicks):

View a larger version of this map here.

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