It's always nice to have friends and family living in interesting places. And Alaska is one of the most interesting places on the planet, so we were doubly lucky that Henry's brother Nelson and his family lived in the town of Kenai for several years.

Our only regret is that we took advantage of their wonderful hospitality only once! But our trip there in June of 1992 was one that all of us will remember forever.

Hal & Sally in SeattleWe flew to Seattle, where another of Henry's siblings was living and had a brief but enjoyable visit there. Photos from this "prologue" can be found here.

From Seattle, Tootsie left on an Inside Passage cruise with Uncle Paul and Aunt Florence, while we flew on up to Anchorage and then to Kenai. You can consult the map below to see where all we traveled in Alaska. We feel like we made the most of our time there!

our family in AlaskaThe pictures on these pages, except for a few that were scanned photographs, were scanned from slides that we took on the trip. We spent many happy hours enjoying slide shows featuring these images.

Our total Alaska slide show contained about 350 slides (this was after doing some weeding). I have included most of these pictures on these pages. I've reduced the resolution considerably so that they will display properly on the web pages. If you want copies of any of the images in higher resolution, let me know.

Thanks to Nelson and Sheila, not only for making the whole trip possible so many years ago, but also for helping me with identifications, geography, and other details in the development of these web pages.

All of these photos are © Henry J. Amen, III. Please do not use without permission.

Click here: Alaska: 1992 to see a larger version of this map.