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Romantic Road

After visiting with our friends and having them to drive us around, we felt we were ready to solo and took off south down the "Romantic Road." Our destination was Garmisch-Partenkirchen, where we would meet up with Henry's mother, Tootsie, at a condo she was renting.

Along the way, we were able to visit several of central Germany's most picturesque towns. Rothenburg was the major stop and it has its own page. But these other locations were also interesting, beautiful, and photogenic:

Würzburg • DinkelsbühlAugsburg


Würzburg was the first town we visited after leaving our friends.

Wurzburg Residenz

The main tourist attraction at Würzburg is the fabulous Residenz.

Although from the view out one of its windows, you can see that the rest of the town looks pretty nice, too.

view from Residenz
Residenz staircase
Residenz staircase
Residenz painting

Decorative and artistic details make the interior tour of the Residenz a potpourri of marvels.



And the details outside are just as marvelous.

Residenz detail
Residenz gates

After visiting Würzburg, we spent the night in Gasthaus Schwarzer Adler ("black eagle") in Uffenheim, a little town on the way to Rothenburg, our next big tourist stop. (Our photos from Rothenburg have their own page.)

Henry took an evening walk and snapped these photos of Uffenheim's Altstadt (old town)...charming, in spite of not being in our Rick Steves book at all!


Dinkelsbuhl pond
Deutches Haus
street in Dinkelsbuhl
window of our hotel room

Some of the most imposing sights in Dinkelsbühl are the towers at the gates to the old city...

(Thanks to Wikipedia's Dinkelsbühl article for identifying most of these gates for me.)

The kids opted to sleep in at the Deutsches Haus the morning after our arrival. But Henry and Kathy wanted to see more of Dinkelsbühl. According to our notes, we walked around half of the Altstadt (old city), from the Wörnitz gate to the Segringen.


One of the town's jewels is the Münster St. Georg (St. George's Church).

Kathy in Dinkelsbühl
Henry at grotto
church interior
church interior
Sally feeding swans

We ended our visit in this charming town with a picnic in the park near the Rothenburg gate.

Sally spent some time here in one of her favorite European vacation activities, feeding the local birds.



Then it was on along the Romantic Road to Augsburg.

Augsburg street

We didn't spend much time in Augsburg, but it was long enough to be impressed by its charming streets and lovely architecture.

Among the great sites that we got to see are the medieval Perlachturm (Perlach Tower), the adjacent Rathaus (City Hall) and the spectacular Dom (Cathedral)...

(the stub is from our parking ticket)

Dom stained glass

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ticket to Residenz
room in Deutsches Haus
Deutsches Haus hotel
parking receipt

After Rothenburg came Dinkelsbühl, which Rick Steves calls "Rothenburg's little sister."

Our lodging was the arch-typical Hotel Deutches Haus ("German house")...

Uffenheim tower