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We took Rick Steves' advice and got "medievaled in Rothenburg," as we wound our way down the Romantic Road to Bavaria.

It's a tourist mecca, but for good reason, and we thoroughly enjoyed the day we spent there.

Here are some scenes of the town's picturesque square...

Rothenburg square
Rothenburg clock
Rothenburg clock
builidings on the square
...and, as in any medieval town, there are lots of stylish towers.
...a closeup of some of the flowers that grace many of the buildings...

We climbed the Rathaus (City Hall) Turm (tower)...

...and got some spectacular views of the city, through its elegant windows...

window in the tower
view of the square
view from the tower
view from the tower

We climbed at least part of the way up another tower, the Röderturm, which is on the east side of the city, right in the middle of Rothenburg's medieval wall, the city's biggest claim to fame.

It's the best preserved wall in Germany, in spite of suffering some damage in World War II. You can learn about that part of the town's history in a small museum in the Rödenturm.

Although we were a little tired by the end of the circuit, we were able to walk the whole wall (just over a mile circumference, according to our Rick Steves' guidebook).

Here are some shots that give you an idea of what the wall, and the wall-walk, is like...

Rothenburg wall and town
Rothenburg panorama
Rothenburg wall
family on the wall
...and here are some more photos from our wall walk, for the most part in the order they were taken:
Rothenburg wall
view from tower
Here's a view from one of the Röderturm windows...
...and some more views from this part of the wall...
Rothenburg panorama
Rothenburg panorama
Rothenburg street
I don't think those are real storks nesting on that's more likely to be symbolic statuary. A stork nest on your roof is supposed to bring good luck to the house...

You can see a more detailed walking tour of the town, with lots of historical information, on this family history website.

We stopped for some other sights along the wall, most notably the somewhat unsettling Kriminalmuseum (Criminal museum)...

punishment masks
from a museum window well as the lovely Castle Garden and St. James' Church, much more agreeable locations...
church interior
garden and west gate
...and of course, Sally found some pigeons to feed...
Sally and pigeons
Somewhat worn out, but also quite charmed by Rothenburg, we bid it „Auf Wiedersehen” to it and its wall and continued on our way down the Romantic Road.
family at wall
Rothenburg street
Tauber valley
Rothenburg panorama

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