I gave up trying to fit all the neat blogs and podcasts I was finding onto my Miscellaneous page, and decided to just have a page for Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire Stuff. Note that some of these resources will contain book and/or show spoilers. Each of them should make their spoiler policy clear; when I feel confident in my knowledge of these policies, I make notes of them.

It constantly amazes me how much time and energy so many people put into analysis and discussion of this work of fiction! I am in awe of the collective creative energies of this community! (Yes, they probably have 'way too much time on their hands, but at least they put it to good use smiley )

(In case you don't know: Sullied=book readers (assumed to have read all published books); Unsullied =show watchers only.)

(Mostly) Book-based essays & podcasts


Gossip & Show Reviews

Other Interesting Stuff