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Architecture & Decoration

London is full of glorious architecture —old and new, at the levels of whole blocks, whole buildings, and lovely details.

As Anna Quindlen notes in Imagined London:

In its variety—architectural, historical, topographical—London holds as unique and singular a place in the world as the glory of its literary legacy would suggest.

Probably nearly every picture I took, at least outside, could have served as an example of this marvelous variety, so I chose for these pages (and this Flickr set) photos that highlighted buildings rather than those with buildings in the background. These are the categories that I've used to divide up and organize these photos: Old Buildings New BuildingsDecoration

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You can see where most of the buildings and decorations pictured in this section are located on this map:

View a larger version of this map here.

Of course, old and new co-exist side by side throughout London, so not all the photos easily slip into these categories. Here are two examples, showing parts of one of London's oldest structures, the Tower, and some of its newest, the distinctive Gherkin (30 St. Mary Axe) and London City Hall:

Gherkin from the Tower City Hall from the Tower

And then, there are some buildings that could be either new or old, like this one (unidentified) near Regent's Park (on the left) and old buildings being made new, like St. Pancras Station (contrasted with the new British Library on the right). They are putting loft apartments in park of the imposing St. Pancras structure and I could easily fantasize living in one...

near Regent's Park British Library & St. Pancras

To read more detail about some of these buildings, check these "Favorite Fotos" blog posts: London buildings (old)London buildings (new). You can see full-sized versions of these and other photos of neat buildings, in this Flickr set.

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