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We cleverly organized our trip to give us the longest possible layover in Paris.

This allowed us to visit the Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris and La Tour Eiffel (although we didn't have time to climb the tower).

Although the day was quite hot and we were a bit strung out from our trans-Atlantic flight, we enjoyed the quick visit.

But we almost didn't make it back to the De Gaulle airport for our flight to Frankfurt. If we'd chosen the local instead of the express train (we couldn't figure out the signage) we would have missed it! But the travel gods were kind and we made it just in time.

Heart of Europe
column @ Place de Chatelet
Notre Dame Cathedral
Notre Dame facade
Notre Dame gargoyles
Kathy on roof of Notre Dame
Notre Dame interiors...
statue of Jeanne d'Arc
candles in Notre Dame
...and views from the top...
view from Notre Dame
view from Notre Dame
family on bridge over the Seine
Eiffel Tower
under the Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower

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